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Open a Group of Web Sites

E2 offers a few ways to open a group of web sites

  • Open all web sites in a Favorites folder with OPEN ALL option in Favorites menu

  • Highlight a section of a web page, or highlight all and use OPEN LINKS IN SELECTED AREA in File menu

  • Create Group and open with OPEN GROUP in File menu. For information on how to create Group, please read Your Private Favorites Folder section


You can set a group to open on startup

  • Select Options in the Tool menu to bring up Internet Options window

Figure 1

  • Click on Start Pages to bring up Start Pages Tab

  • Under Group, select a folder (from your favorites list or from a folder in your computer)

  • Check the Open on start

  • Click OK or Apply

E2 will open all web sites in that folder next time when you start E2


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