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View Movie in a corner of your display

You can use E2 built-in media player to watch a movie, or to watch a movie in a corner of your display while you are surfing. We are going to show you in this section how to create a screen as the one below:

Figure 1

  1. First, let's add the movie to the Playlist as you do in the previous Listen to the music... section.

  2. Close Playlist

  3. Open a new window: from File Menu select New or click CTRL+ N

  4. Open Game: Navigate to your favorite game site, and open a game you want to play

  5. Lay out windows: from Window Menu - Special Arrange Mode - select a lay out (here we chose 3 - 2 Left 1 Right)

You're almost there - Now the following step requires some attention:

  1. Start the movie: now click anywhere on the open window where you want the movie to play (here we used the upper left window - Tab 1) to select that window and then click the PLAY button in Media control bar to start.

Figure 2 - Media Control Bar

  1. A Video Control Bar will pop up in the bottom left of movie window for you to adjust the size of the movie. Here you will find the buttons for: Hide Me, Zoom Out, Zoom In, Fit to Screen / Restore Movie to Original Size, Full Screen. Use these button if you need to and then when you're done, you can click on Hide Me to hide the Video Control bar. To bring it back, just click anywhere on the movie window.

Figure 3

  1. You can use splitters to adjust the size of windows

  2. Click on the remain empty window (here Tab 3) to activate that window for surfing.


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