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Gather information from the web with our Collection Tool

  1. Open the Playlist - From View Menu select Play List or click on Show/Hide Playlist button (Figure 1)

  2. Change Playlist to RESEARCH MODE - Use the button shown in Figure 1

  3. Navigate to a Web site

  4. Find something interesting? highlight it (you can highlight text or image or both of them, or everything)

  5. Drag the select item and drop it in the Playlist or you can use the Add Selected Item button (Figure 1) to add it into the Playlist

Figure 1

  1. Continue your work by repeating step 3 to 5 ...

  2. Make a mistake, don't worry, you can always use Playlist Edit Bar (Figure 1) to fix it. Playlist Edit bar contains the following options: Delete selected item in Playlist, Clear Playlist, Move an item UP or DOWN on the list.

Note. What we have shown you so far - It's just a way to do it. In E2 many steps above can be accomplished by more than one way. You can easily find them by yourself.


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