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We did make some options that require set up from you if you would like to use them. For example: you can set your F12 key to perform a quick-hide, to quickly get sensitive materials off the screen without closing E2 or losing documents, nothing will be shown on the display until you press F12 key again...

The following options can be used to assign to a function key

  • Activate First Tab

  • Activate Last Tab

  • Activate Previous Tab

  • Activate Next Tab

  • Open a New Tab

  • Close current Tab

  • Close All

  • Close All except first Tab

  • Close All except current Tab

  • Quick Shut Down

  • Hide/Show Me  (Quick-Hide)

  • Open Start Page(s)

  • Open Search

  • Open My Folder

  • Hide/Show all Menu and Toolbars

  • Change Media Control Tool Bar

  • Restore Closed Tabs (restore up to the last 5 closed tabs)

To program a function key

  1. Select Preferences in the Edit menu to bring up Preference window

Figure 1

  1. Click on Keyboard Shortcuts to bring up Keyboard Shortcuts Tab

  2. Select a Key from KEY drop-down box

  3. Select action for the Key in DEFINED action drop-down box

  4. Click APPLY before you select another key for programming.

As you can see from Preference window, you can also program a key to open a web site, or launch an application for you. These settings will take affect immediately, you do not need to reboot or restart E2.


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